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Membres & productions scientifiques

Maalaoui Adnane

Adnane Maalaoui is Director for entrepreneurship programs at IPAG Business School. His researches mainly focus on entrepreneurship issues and especially on disadvantaged entrepreneurs (elderly, refugees, disabled entrepreneurs, etc.). He is interested in topics such as: entrepreneurial intention and cognitive approach to entrepreneurship.

He mainly applies those questions to cases of diversity and social entrepreneurship. Adnan Maalaoui is the author of 20+ articles published in academic journals. Likewise, he is the author of articles published in professional journals, and in edited books. Adnane is also the author of a series of French speaking MOOCs on entrepreneurship.

Andréa calabro

Andrea Calabrò is Professor of Family Business & Entrepreneurship at IPAG Business School. He holds a Ph.D. in Management and Governance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and has been Professor/Chairholder of Business Administration and Family Entrepreneurship at University of Witten/Herdecke (2011-2017). He co-founded the Family Business Research Strategic Interest Group (FBR SIG) at the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and is co-founder and organizer of the International Family Business Research Forum (IFBRF).

Since 2014 he serves as Associate Editor of Journal of Family Business Strategy. He has published journal articles on family firms, internationalization, and corporate governance in leading international peer-reviewed journals such as: Corporate Governance: An International Review, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Family Business Review, International Business Review, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Family Business Strategy.

Julia Vincent Ponroy

Julia Vincent Ponroy is Professor of Management at IPAG Business School. She obtained both her Master’s degree (2010) and her PhD in Management Science (2016) from HEC Paris. The French association for research in human resources management (AGRH) awarded Julia’s dissertation with the FNEGE-AGRH Prize for the best dissertation defended in France in 2016 in the field of human resources management.

Julia is a specialist of family businesses. For instance, her dissertation tackles organizational identity issues in growing family firms. Specifically, it explores non-family members’ relationships to the family firm in which they work: using both qualitative and inductive research methods Julia’s work investigates the way non-family members contribute to building a family firm identity while they are not part of the owning family and explores the factors leading them to such behavior.


DR. Khaled Guesmi is a Professor of Finance at IPAG Business School, Paris – France and the Head of Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition Chair. He's also the Project Manager of European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation. He received his M.Sc. in Finance from Paris I University of Sorbonne, a Ph.D. in Economics from the Paris West University and H.D.R. (Habilitation for Supervising Doctoral Research) from the Paris VIII University Vincennes St Denis. He is the co-founder of the International Symposium on Energy and Finance Issues (ISEFI).

Dr. Guesmi is also a Visiting Professor at Telfler School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada and Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Economic Research Forum, Egypt. He published many papers in top-tier journals such as Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Energy Study Review, Journal of International Money & Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics, International Economics, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, International Review of Financial Analysis, Computational Economics, European Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of International Financial markets, Institution and Money, Journal of Economic Integration, Journal of Risk Finance.


Dorra Najar is an associate professor of Finance at IPAG Business School where she teaches International Finance, Corporate Valuation, Cash Management and Private Equity. She holds a master’s degree (2007) and a Ph.D. in Finance (November 2012) from the University Paris Dauphine, with a nomination for thesis prise. She has published peerreviewed journal articles on private equity and venture capital.

Her research works are published in academic journals as the Journal of Business Ethics, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting … and in professional journals such as The World Financial Review, Option Droit & Affaires. She also wrote a book chapter published by Springer Science & Business.


Béchir Ben Lahouel in an assistant Professor of Management at IPAG Business School, and scientific advisor within the Chair IPAG “Entreprise inclusive”. He is also a researcher at the Essec chair of change. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli (2011). Before joining IPAG, he was the Director of the Master 2 program in "International Hospitality Management" at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. His research revolves primarily around Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Change Management, and Corporate Governance.

He has published his work in several academic journals such as Journal of Organizational Change Management, European Business Review, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Corporate Governance : The International Journal of Business in Society, Recherches en Sciences de Gestion, Revue des Sciences de gestion, Question(s) de Management.

Tristan BOYER

Tristan Boyer is a Professor of Economics at IPAG Business School and is Head of the Economics & Methodology department at IPAG. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from University of Paris X Nanterre as well as master’s degrees in economics and business law from the Universities of Paris I and Paris V.. Prior to teaching at IPAG Business School, Tristan Boyer was a Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, having worked as consultant and organization expert.

He has been published in many peer-review journals such as Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation, Small Business Economics and has authored book chapters such as “A quantitative longitudinal study about the financial and economic performance of downsizing companies” published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. His Research mainly focuses on governance and entrepreneurship.

Maria Giuseppina BRUNA

Maria Giuseppina Bruna is a Full Professor of Management and Director of Ethics and CSR at the IPAG Business School. She serves as Director of the Chair IPAG “Towards an Inclusive Company” and as scientific leader of the research program “Women & networks”. Lecturer at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, Dr. Bruna serves as Scientific Director of the Diversity Program of the Ecole des Mines d’Albi-Carmaux. She has been appointed member of the Commission Army and Youth under the aegis of the French Ministry of Armed Forces and serves as President of the Study-Group “Education & Armies”. She is expert-member of the Governmental Group of Experts on the Struggle against Discriminations at Work. Dr. Bruna holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Organizations from University Paris-Dauphine and was distinguished with several academic and professional prices. Prior to teaching at IPAG Business School, she taught at various universities and business schools such as ISTEC Business School, University Paris 12 Créteil and University ParisèDauphine. Associate Editor of the Management & Sciences Sociales review, reviewer for a dozen of French, Belgian, Canadian and Anglo-Saxon reviews and Fellow of the University Chair “Management, Diversities and Social Cohesion” (University Paris-Dauphine), Dr. Bruna is the author of 50 papers and 30 academic publications, published in international reviews (European Management Review, Management International, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, Management & Avenir…) and scientific books (Edward Elgar, Emerald, Presses Universitaires de Laval…).

Involved in dissemination of research, Dr. Bruna has given about 50 lectures and talks in 30 major companies, firm-networks and professional clubs. Administrator and member of the Executive Committee of the ENGIE’s Foundation Act for Employment. She has been appointed member of the Diversity Committee of the Institut Pratique du Journalisme. Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna is internationally recognized as an expert in her domain, being cited among the 100 Leaders in Human Capital Management 2016 by the Magazine Décideurs. Her research mainly focuses on diversity policies and management and inclusion at work as well as CSR.

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